Show Schedule

Mini-Show March - Narcissus, species’ distributed by the committee at cost various cultivars each year, in Society’s vase.

                       Narcissus, any cultivar, two, in Society’s vase.

Mini-Show April - Tulip, any cultivar, one, in Society’s vase.

Mini-Show June – Rose, any cultivar, one stem.

Mini-Show September – Fuchsia supplied by club, to be exhibited in a round 6” (152mm) max. pot.

Points won will be carried forward to the Annual Show



1. Marigolds, one vase, three stems, any one cultivar.

2. Cut flowers from your garden, one vase, mixed.

3. Carnations, one vase, three stems.

4. Gladiolus, one spike.

5. Asters, one vase, five stems, one or more cultivars.

6. Any other flower, one vase, 5 stems. One cultivar.

7. A miniature arrangement of flowers, not to exceed 4” (101mm) in any direction.

8. Roses, cluster flowered, one stem.

9. Roses, one bloom.

10. Fuchsia, one pot, not exceeding 6” (152mm) diameter.

11. Fuchsia, one pot, over 6” (152mm) diameter.

12. Standard Fuchsia, one pot, at least 18" (457mm) tall.

13. Pelargonium (geranium), zonal, single or double flower. One pot, not exceeding 6” (152mm) diameter.

14. Pelargonium (geranium), zonal, single or double flower. One pot over 6” (152mm) diameter.

15. Pelargonium (geranium), coloured foliage (scented leaf). One pot not exceeding 6” (152mm) diameter (remove any flowers).

16. Pelargonium (geranium), coloured foliage (scented leaf, remove any flowers). One pot over 6” (152mm) diameter.

17. Flowering pot plant, one pot not exceeding 6” (152mm) diameter, excluding any in class 9.

One cultivar.

18. Orchids, one pot.

19. Flowering pot plants pot size over 6” (152mm) diameter, but not exceeding 18” (457mm) diameter. One cultivar.

20. Foliage pot plants, pot not to exceed 6” (152mm) diameter. One cultivar.

21. Foliage pot plants, over 6” (152mm) diameter, but not exceeding 18” (457mm) diameter.

One cultivar.

22. Cactus, one pot, any cultivar.

23. Succulent, one pot, any cultivar.

24. Bonsai single or group of plants. Exhibitor to provide own stand if required.

25. Vase of 5 single spikes of any one Heather in flower.

26. An arrangement of foliage in Society’s vase.

27. 5 florets (small individual flowers) arranged on a card or dish, one or more cultivars.

28. Patio container of mixed planting.

29.  One pot single cultivar of ornamental grass.

30. Any plant or arrangement solely maintained by a person below the age of 14.  

31. Vase mixed dried seed heads and grasses.

32. Vase Autumn berries and foliage.

33. Vase three heads Hydrangeas, one or more cultivars.

34. A big sunflower head.

Outdoor Chrysanthemums


35. One bloom, disbudded, any cultivar.

36. One vase, three sprays, not disbudded.

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