Outdoor Chrysanthemums Class

27 One bloom, disbudded, any cultivar.

28 One vase, three sprays, not disbudded.


(rings available)


29 One bloom, giant, any cultivar, over 10” (254mm) in diameter.

30 One bloom, large, any cultivar 8”- 10” (203 – 254mm) in diameter.

31 One bloom medium, any cultivar 6”- 8” (152- 203mm) in diameter.

32 One bloom, small, any cultivar 4”- 6” (101- 152mm) in diameter

33 One bloom, miniature, not to exceed 4” (101mm) in diameter.

34.  Three blooms, pom pom, one or more cultivars, not to exceed (51mm) in diameter.

Notes for exhibitors:

Wash the roots of all root vegetables.

35. One vase, five single flowered blooms, one cultivar.

36.  Dahlias with dahlia foliage, arranged for effect. Container not to exceed 10” in diameter.

36a.  Vase of mixed blooms arranged for frontal effect.

Cut blooms with plenty of stem, even if you have to sacrifice a bud or bloom.

Name blooms whenever possible. Neat naming will count in your favour in a close competition.

Don’t crowd your blooms, they don’t like it and neither do the judges.


Notes for exhibitors:

Wash the roots of all root vegetables., Potatoes can be washed/scrubbed with a soft brush or scouring pad.

Foliage of Carrots and Parsnips to be trimmed back to approximately 3” (76mm).

Peas and beans to be displayed with some stalk attached.

Don’t skin your onions, but do wash them and cut off roots.

Tie tops of onions and shallots with uncoloured raffia.

Cut rhubarb abd beetroot leaves to 3”.

Sand can be used to display and stabilise tomatoes on a plate.

Name vegetables if possible, so that visitors can identify them and grow them if they want to.


37 Potatoes, three, any one cultivar.

38 Dwarf French Beans, six, any one cultivar, displayed with some stalk  (best cut with


39 Beans, runner, six, any one cultivar, displayed with some stalk (best cut with scissors)

40 Beetroot, three, any one cultivar, cut leaves to 3”.

41 Carrots, three, any one cultivar.

42 Cabbage, one with stalk.

43 Lettuce, one, with stalk.

44 Marrow, culinary, one. With some stalk attached.