22. Cactus, one pot, any cultivar.

23. Succulent, one pot, any cultivar.

24. Bonsai single or group of plants. Exhibitor to provide own stand if required.

25. Vase of 5 single spikes of any one Heather in flower.

26. An arrangement of foliage in Society’s vase.

27. 5 florets (small individual flowers) arranged on a card or dish, one or more cultivars.

28. Patio container of mixed planting.

29.  One pot single cultivar of ornamental grass.

30. Any plant or arrangement solely maintained by a person below the age of 14.  

31. Vase mixed dried seed heads and grasses.

32. Vase Autumn berries and foliage.

33. Vase three heads Hydrangeas, one or more cultivars.

34. A big sunflower head.

Outdoor Chrysanthemums


35. One bloom, disbudded, any cultivar.

36. One vase, three sprays, not disbudded.

Dahlias (rings available)


37. One bloom, giant, any cultivar, over 260mm in diameter.

38. One bloom, large, any cultivar 220 - 260mm in diameter.

39. One bloom medium, any cultivar 170 - 220mm in diameter.

40. One bloom, small, any cultivar 115 - 170mm in diameter.

41. One bloom, miniature, not to exceed 115mm in diameter.

42. Three blooms, pompon, one or more cultivars, not to exceed 83mm in diameter.

43. One vase, five single flowered blooms, one cultivar.

44. Dahlias with dahlia foliage, arranged for effect. Container not to exceed 10” (254mm) in diameter.

45. Vase of mixed blooms arranged for frontal effect.

Cut blooms with plenty of stem, even if you have to sacrifice a bud or bloom.

Name blooms whenever possible. Neat naming will count in your favour in a close competition.

Don’t crowd your blooms, they don’t like it and neither do the judges.

Dahlia exhibitors are advised to measure blooms before submitting entries.  Rings are available on the morning of the show for final checking.

Make sure your pots are clean.

Check your entry form thoroughly and hand to Show Secretary or Assistant Show Secretary.

All pots are to be round excluding classes 18, 22, 23, 24, 28 and 29 where other shapes are permitted.